Jury Selection

Prepare Yourself

It would be much simpler if we could gaze into a crystal ball to know which jurors are most likely to reject your best evidence and arguments. But the art (and social science) of jury selection requires us to think first about the strategy and themes in the case and apply those to the questions you will ask during attorney-conducted voir dire.

Prime Your Jury

Your winning arguments work most effectively when jurors believe them even before you make them. The higest and best use of your time during jury selection is to find out how you will connect what they tell you to what you will tell them in opening.

Pick Your Battles

Only after you have asked meaningful questions can we then decide how to use those precious few strikes with the confidence that you have created a genuine connection with the jurors who remain.

“I have been working with Charli for almost twenty years now. There is no one in my professional life who has influenced the way I interact with jurors during voir dire, openings and closings more than Charli. Her insights, suggestions and often strong opinions have been invaluable to me in doing better voir dire and in getting better results. I would recommend Charli to anyone, except maybe one of my opponents.” – Stephen G. Schwarz, Managing Partner, Faraci Lange

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