Witness Preparation

Most cases settle. The days when answers such as “Yes,” “No,” and “I don’t know” or “I can’t recall” were sufficient to get your witness through a deposition are long gone. Your goal is to maximize the potential for a successful settlement before trial. And a witness who delivers in her deposition becomes a significant asset should your case go to trial.

Witnesses need to know that beyond their duty to tell the truth, there are a host of factors that can enhance or interfere with their ability to do so credibly, effectively and persuasively.

Face-to-face interaction with a witness is still the gold standard for preparation, but Charli can also review transcripts or videotaped deposition testimony to provide specific recommendations for how to improve the communication skills of your witness before trial.

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“Charli’s witness preparation work opened my eyes to the reasons behind my client’s choices, which helped me build a more compelling case.” – Thomas Creech, Jr. Greenville, SC

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